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Audio Download Page

Audio Download Page

The purpose of these audios is to provide support and learning between sessions to better communicate with your partner and family members. Download to any MP3 device by right-clicking the files below and selecting “save to disk” to download.

On mobile devices, simply tap and hold the links below and choose the “Share” option. On the share screen, select “Save to folder” then choose the folder to save the files to. Once downloaded, the audios will be available to listen to any time you want.

Many clients listen to the audios on their phones while whey are driving, doing household chores, or laying in bed in the evening before retiring.

Lesson 1: Creating respectful Communication in Your Home

Lesson 2: The sounds of silence

Lesson 3: Being right can cause couples to constantly fight

Lesson 4: Lay down your shields

Lesson 5: How passive aggression can kill love

Lesson 6: Let go of resentments

Lesson 7: Stop couple anger